How an HVAC Company Can Use Google Marketing Strategies to Grow their Company

Do you have an Air Conditioning Repair or HVAC company? Are you an Air Conditioning & Heating Repair contractor that want to grow you business?

This information is designed exactly for you! You know what the #1 site people visit in the United States? NOPE not Facebook, even today in 2016 it’s Google. Don’t take our word for it though check out these sources here and here

And know what is cool about Google? People search for what they want and need and aren’t playing around on the site like Twitter, Facebook or other social media platforms.

Think about it when you need something what do you do? For example if you need IT services in San Diego or Car Wash  Mesa, AZ ect.. Possibly, a Phoenix personal injury lawyer ect..

You search for what you need in the city you are in or just what you need and Google is smart enough to know where you are located and serve up the best results based on your IP address.

So to make this relevant and contextual to your AC Repair business depending on the city you are in you want to show up when people search things like “AC repair Phoenix” or “Scottsdale Air Conditioning Repair” ect..

And if you do this in the current city your business is in and you aren’t on the first page of Google the best thing you can do is invest in a local SEO agency or again “phoenix seo” – “your city seo expert” ect.. to get someone that can help you with Search Engine Optimization and even Google Adwords with PPC management.

This way when hundreds to thousands of people search for your services and where you do it you will actually be there on the first page of Google as an option and choice for them to call you.